Family of Murdered Teen Speaks out


Ms. Sherhany Soanes

Following the murder of 21 year old Kenny George of Wotten Waven, on Monday September 23rd, of which 19 year old Asher James, who also resides at Wotten Waven was charged, has left the entire community grieving.

One of Mr. Georges’ closest cousins, Ms. Sherhany Soanes was very emotional stating, this murder was unfortunate and uncalled for.

She described him as a fun outgoing individual, who would always find a way to make his friends laugh and was not one to make any one feel bad.

According to Ms. Soanes, this incident hurt her really badly and she is trying her best to move on, but this process will be very difficult. “I pray to God that justice will be served on the person responsible for Kenny’s death,” she added.

Another relative of Mr. George, Ms. Sharon Joseph, says the villagers are disgusted by the act committed against her loving cousin.

Ms. Joseph feels, relief will not come anytime soon, especially after seeing the body of her cousin, whose life was inhumanely taken.

The victims’ grandmother, who is 77 years old, following the incident, stated this is the first time in her lifetime such an act has been committed in the community of Wotten Waven.

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