Family Seeking Public’s Support for Child in need of Urgent Medical Attention


Father of seven year old Emmber Lawrence, Mr. Billy Lawrence

One family is appealing to the public to lend their support in raising funds that are needed for a young child who had an emergency surgery on Saturday December 15th.

Father of seven year old Emmber Lawrence, Mr. Billy Lawrence, the owner of Al Dive Watersports who held a fundraiser for the surgery on Saturday December 15th, says his daughter is currently in Jamaica where she underwent surgery for a condition known as kidney tubes.

Mr. Lawrence says the surgery cost about US$15,000.00 plus another US$5000.00 for complications that may occur and other miscellaneous expenses.

He pointed out that if this surgery was not done now it would have severely affected his daughter’s health in the future.

He said after a number of illnesses which left himself and his wife confused during a doctor’s visit in Barbados, they finally found out the condition their daughter was in and immediately sprang into action to raise funds to correct the problem.

Mr. Lawrence says this is a birth defect which affects a large number of people, with one of the signs being hypertension, but the blood pressure of a child is rarely checked so detecting this is very difficult.

He said however, he was fortunate with Emmber as she had appendicitis which resulted in her having a high blood pressure, and through thorough testing the medical condition was detected.

fundraising event

fundraising event held

Mr. Lawrence said the most stressful time so far was when they had no idea what was making their daughter sick, so when they finally found it, it was like some of the weight of the world was lift off their shoulders.

Being the father of four children, this is the first time he is going through such a situation, and besides regular illnesses, the other three children are healthy.

He says the fund raising drive started on facebook where they received a lot of support from family, friends, and businesses but they have to continue to make their target of $US20, 000.00 to take care of everything.

People wishing to donate funds to the cause can contact Mr. Billy Lawrence on telephone number 440-3483, or contact him on Al Dive’s twitter and facebook page or visit

A special thanks goes out to all those who have donated and will be donating cash.


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