Farmer Grows 75 Pound Pumpkin


75 Pound Pumpkin

One farmer is of the view that organic farming is the way to go and that’s all produce should be cultivated in this way.

This advice came from Salisbury farmer Mr. Simon Casimir, following his harvest of a 75 pound giant pumpkin.

The pumpkin grown in Mr. Casimir’s garden in the heights of Salisbury, was grown using 100% natural fowl dung, which he uses for his other agricultural produce, according to Mr. Casimir.

Mr. Casimir pointed out that his first giant pumpkin harvested 4 years ago weighed a scale tipping 65 pounds.

He said it was cultivated in a different area than the 75 pound pumpkin.


Salisbury Farmer, Mr. Simon Casimir

It took over a month for the pumpkin to reach this size which he is grateful for says Mr. Casimir.

The farmer said the pumpkin is for sale.

By the looks of it, this pumpkin would surely make some delicious pumpkin soup to feed many mouths.

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