Farmers expressing dissatisfaction with road conditions


 A farmer of the Marigot community is exposing the conditions of a damaged road in the Captain Bruce area that makes accessibility to his farm very difficult.  Mr. Alfred mentioned that the government provided some assistance however the task could not be completed.


“Sometime ago, the government decided to do some work on the road that ranged approximately 300 ft from this area. They fixed the road and promised to seal it but said that the money was done,” said Mr. Alfred.


Apart from Mr. Alfred, there are other commercial organizations who fully utilize the land and it is apparent that the conditions of the road posses a serious problem. He added that the ‘voice of life’ radio program stationed in that area has noticed the deplorable conditions of the road and has provided financial assistance to maintain the road however, the other organizations have yet to play their part.


He said, “It is a very important area, Digicel is here, Lime Dominica Ltd, Voice of Life and airport officials. So it is very vital not only for the farmers but the employees of these organizations as well. It is due time that the Government of Dominica provide assistance with this project.”


Alfred said that the farmers have joined forces with the parliamentary representative for the Marigot constituency who has filed a letter and is simply waiting on confirmation from the government to begin the road work.

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