Father Charles to Celebrate Diamond Jubilee

While some may be content to celebrate a birthday which signifies, being one year older, one priest will celebrate in a big way his Diamond Jubilee in religious life.

Father Charles says being in the service of the Lord for so many years he felt it was necessary to host a celebration in the form of a church service, on Wednesday September 12th at the Fatima Church in Newtown from 6pm.

He added, being in Dominica for most of his religious life he felt it was the best place to host his Diamond Jubilee, so everyone can come and share in the joy and the fact that he has been able to serve in the religious life for so many years.

Father Charles says although he cannot put an exact time on when he received the calling from God to join religious life, he did attended a Secondary School of the Redemptorist which was where he was inspired to join the church.

The 81 year old priest pointed out that one of the hardest parts of his life was receiving the news that he was appointed to serve as a priest in the West Indies, as he was not prepared for such a drastic change by leaving his family and friends.

He built up the courage to move on, and looking back on this difficult time, it is now regarded as the best thing that ever happened to him.

Growing up in a family of sixteen children it was difficult for him, especially as he never knew his father who died while he was only one year old.

However his family being strong Catholics stuck together to make it through the hardship.

Throughout his 60 year journey in religious life he considers himself to be a happy man as a missionary priest, especially when he was sent to Dominica.

Although it was tough to fit in, the people made him feel at home.

Throughout his religious life he served as a priest in St. Kitts, Marie Galante, and Antigua.

He mentioned that after Hurricane David he was given the responsibility to oversee the reconstruction of all churches, which was a huge task he completed it to the best of his ability.

Father Charles says that the most important thing of his life is the fact he gave his life to God, the church and to the people of God.


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