Father Cuffy Says Sarah-Lynn Augustine Has the Right to Speak

Sarah-lynn Augustine

The saying “everyone’s voice should be heard” is truly being considered in Dominica as Father Franklyn Cuffy says Sarah-Lynn Augustine, who the police accused of killing her two children has the right to speak.

Ms. Augustine was charged on September 28, 2010 with the murder of her two children, five-year-old Rachael Vigilant and two-month-old Sophia Vigilant.

Father Cuffy says although he has always been concerned and touched by our laws, he believes that Ms. Augustine needs to give her side of the story.

He went on to say that if the young lady wants to come back to Dominica to explain herself then she should at least be given that chance.

Mr. Cuffy made this statement “as a Christian we should not be casting stones” .

Father Cuffy mentioned that as citizens as well as Christians, we should not be condemning people.

He says he understands that forgiveness goes a long way but God did say to forgive one another.

Father Cuffy believes without justice there is no peace however; he thinks that Ms. Augustine should speak first.

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