Father Cuffy Sets the Public Straight on the Upcoming Event “Motor Bike Day”

Fr. Cuffy

Parish Priest for St. Ann and St. Paul, Father Franklyn Cuffy

In anticipation of the Motor Bike Day carded for January 26th 2013, which will also fall on World Respect Life Day Weekend, Parish Priest for St. Ann and St. Paul Father Franklyn Cuffy, sets the public straight.

Father Cuffy understands that there are a lot of misconceptions and the public does not realize why this event is being held.

He says part of the purpose for hosting this event is to remember those who have died due to motorcycles.

Father Cuffy says that they are hoping to have a cross country race from Roseau to Portsmouth, and then back to Mahaut.

He believes this is an opportunity for handing out information and educating the public and riders of the significance of using protective gear whilst riding.

According to the Parish Priest, the whole idea of Motor Bike Day is to create a prophetic voice.

Father Cuffy believes as a Nation, we need this.

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