Father Cuffy Speaks on the Meaning of Creole

St. Ann’s and St. Paul’s Parish Priest, Father Franklyn Cuffy

Today is Creole Day in Dominica, the day when everyone dresses in the traditional creole wear.

St. Ann’s and St. Paul’s Parish Priest Father Franklyn Cuffy says, independence on a whole is an exciting time for all of us.

Father Cuffy stated that he totally agrees with this year’s theme, “partnering for further progress and development”.

He added that they have begun the decorating on the churches within the parish and he expects to see everyone in their National Wear at church on Sunday.

Father Cuffy says although the Creole activities such as creole in the park and the World Creole Music Festival targets the tourists, as a Caribbean country we should look at other ways to draw tourists to Dominica.


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