Father of Two Fined $1000


Father of Two Charged Fined $1000

Thirty- five year old Moses William Jno- Baptiste and Mahalia Elma Laurent both from Fond-Cole were considered lucky when Magistrate Candia George decided that she will not hand down any custodial sentences on the defendants.

The facts of the case stated that on the 12th of June 2013, the police went in search of the resident of the accused where they found a black bag containing 100 grams of cannabis, a bag containing money in the amount of 543.25 and 10 foiled wrapping which was allegedly cocaine.

The Police Officers confiscated the finding and the defendants were then taken to the Police Head Quarters.

The defendants appeared before Magistrate Candia Carette George on Thursday 13th of June, where the charges for possession of Cannabis, drug trafficking and intent to supply were read to them.

Ms. Mahalia Elma Laurent pled not guilty to all charges while Moses William Jno- Baptiste pleaded guilty to all the charges.

Laurent was not charged or fined as there was no evidence against her.

The Prosecutor in the matter Inspector Innocent Toussaint estimated a street value for the cannabis at $220.00 and $ 100.00 for the cocaine.

In mitigation, the lawyer of the accused Ms. Bernadette Lambert said her client is very remorseful for his actions, is a first time offender and cooperated fully with the police.

She said by profession her client is a tile man, but business has been slow so he sought other means of supporting his family.

Ms. Lambert asked Magistrate Carette to take into consideration the minor street value of the drugs and to not impose a custodial sentence.

Magistrate Candia Carette George before determining the fate of the accused, urged him to stay away from drugs.

A custodial sentence was not imposed however he was fined $500.00 for the possession of cannabis to be paid by the 31st day of July or in default spend two months in prison.

He was also fined $500.00 for possession of cannabis with intent to supply to be paid by the 31st day of August or in default spend 2 months in prison.

The $ 542.25 found at his resident by police was forfeited.

Mahalia Elma Laurent was not charged or fined as there was no evidence against her.

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