Father Sharplis Speaks on the Progress of the Portsmouth Catholic Church


Father Sharpils

In 2004, the one hundred and fifty year old Portsmouth Catholic Church could no longer stand its ground after it was destroyed by an earthquake.

On September 3rd 2012 the ground breaking ceremony for the new church was held.

Today Father Sharplis is proud to say that the progress made thus far is encouraging.

Father Sharpils explained that the church has raised 1.3 million dollars so far to continue construction of the church. However they still have not met their mark.

He said they have acquired support from two agencies which assists in fund raising for the project.

The hope of Father Sharplis and parishioners is to have the church completed towards the end of 2013.

He stated that he feels a great sense of accomplishment, in that a lot of the funds that have been used to start construction have been raised by the Parishioners.

Father said though the broken church happened by nature, they are trying their best to rebuild an even better place of worship.

The new church is designed by Mr. Bernard Lauwyck and, will feature a new design and layout, baptismal font and vestry to name a few major improvements.

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