Father Sharplis Urges Men to be more Christ Like


Father Sharpliss

Toucarie residents opened their hearts and hands as they welcomed visitors and Ministers to participate in their joy of celebrating the feast of St. Anthony and Father’s Day.

The event was celebrated at the chapel in Toucarie on Sunday 16th June; Father Sharpliss gave a brief background of the Saint Anthony.

Father Sharpliss stated the importance of understanding these men as who have been put forward to us models of faith.

A model of any faith is someone who has been tested, tried and withstood all challenges to stand up for what they believe.

In his address to the congregation Father Sharpliss admonished them to live a life that is pleasing unto God, as every evil we do comes back to haunt us.

In closing he expressed encouraging words, we need a world where people not only speak forgiveness, but by experiencing forgiveness show forgiveness to each other.

Honorable Reginald, Minister for Land, Housing Settlement and Water Resource Management, who was present at the church service, expressed his satisfaction and success of the week’s activities.

Mr. Austrie asked the fathers to take note of the admonition of Father Sharplis and hope to do better.





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