FCIB Unsung Hero

Ms. Gloria walsh has been selected as the first caribbean international bank’s (FCIB) Unsung hero for 2011.


Business support officer of first caribbean international bank Ms. Rauna Lawrence explained the objective of the unsung hero program.


A total of 25 nominations were submitted between the months of april to june, but when the judges met in july, ms walsh was selected as the winner.


Some of the activities which qualified Ms. Walsh for the win were highlighted by ms. Lawrence.


Ms. Walsh was congratulated and was also advised to continue the good work that she is doing for the silverlake community.


Country manager, of first caribbean international bank, mr. Paul frampton explained the objective of the fcib unsung hero program.


A call has been sent out to the general public to submit nominations for more unsung heroes in their community.


Ms. Walsh stated she is thankful for receiving the award and she will continue doing the work she does.


A formal award ceremony to congratulate Ms. Walsh is scheduled for November 2011.

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