Feast of St. Peters Celebration

It was truly a cause for celebration on Sunday June 24th, as the community of Marigot celebrated the feast of St. Peters.
The event started with a church service, held at the Marigot Roman Catholic Church, which was hosted by the Parish Priest Father Conan Shillingford, where worshippers sang and danced while praising God.

In delivering the sermon, Father Shillingford strongly reminded the villagers of the importance of praising God, and always making him first in everything that they do.

Following the church service, all of the fishermen’s boats were all blessed by Father Shillingford who also delivered a very strong sermon, while blessing the boats.

A wreath was laid out at sea in remembrance to the fishermen, who lost their lives while out at sea carrying out their profession.

Honourable Edison James, the Parliamentary Representative for the Marigot Constituency, in thanking the fishermen for their contributions, reminded the fishermen how important safety is in fishing.

Mr. James also advised the fishermen to be their brother’s keeper, especially when out at sea to keep in touch to know where each other are at all times.

Chairman of the Marigot Village Council, Kenneth Samuel said it is very important that persons do not take the fishermen for granted, seeing how hazardous the job is.

Mr. Samuel also sounded a call to various leaders, to make their contributions in reminding the villagers how important unity is.

President of the North East Fisheries Cooperative, Mr. Richard Charles says, fishermen need to be recognized for their contribution towards fishing in the community.

The wife of the late Patrick Benjamin, who died on January 13th 2012 while out at sea was presented with a hamper on behalf of her husband, donated by J. Astaphans and Company Limited.

Awards were given to outstanding fishermen, which includes Mr. Gerald Guiste, Ervince Roberts, Embort Alexander, and Wilson Tyson.

Productive fishermen were; Carter Christmas, Gilbert Burton, and Raleigh Sanderson.

However the youngest fisherman went to Akim James who is 16 years old, while Milton Joseph got a prize for the most decorated boat.

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