Fete Isidore pageant

MISS-ISIDORE.jpgA number of persons turned out to witness the Miss Isidore Pageant, which was held in the village of Sans Sauveur on Sunday May 27th.
They were graced with the presence of five lovely young ladies which were; Denise Durand, Shermain Eustache, Lina Nichols, Kerlinicia Bernard all of Petite Soufriere and Ayesha Nichols of San Sauveur.
The show which was hosted by Miguel Labadie featured 5 young ladies, who competed in three rounds; talent in round 1, casual wear in round 2, and evening wear and question and answer in round 3.
Each of the five young ladies put on entertaining performances for the very appreciative crowd, in addition to their skits they performed in the talent round.
However there could only be one winner after all the performances, and that lucky person was no other than, Ayesha Nichols of Sansauveur.
Ms. Nichols also won Best Talent, Best Casual Wear, Best in Evening Wear and Miss Intelligence.
Lina Nichols won Miss Photogenic, Denise Durand won Miss Amity and Best Evening Wear.
The 2nd runner up was Lina Nichols, and 1st runner up was Kerlincia Bernard.
All of the ladies received trophies for their participation in the pageant.
The pageant was organized as part of the Fete Isidore celebrations.

In related news:

The official mass of Fete Isidore was held at the St. Patrick’s Catholic Church on Monday 28TH May 2012 where people gathered to celebrate.
The populace wore exquisite Creole wear whilst they danced and sang to the popular hymns “Isidore Praise” and “Gloria: En Nou Wemesye Bondye”
Grandbay Parish Priest Father Reginald La Fleur was very pleased with the turn-out as well as the presence of Ministers and Ambassadors.
After the “collection” segment, a presentation of delightful gifts took place.
The Mass ended with our famous Creole song “Papa Bondye” as people made their way out of the church.

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