FIFA & CONCACAF continue to offer programs in an effort to develop the sport of football

One of FIFA’s Assistant Development Officer, Mr Newton George has said that their decision to provide a Medicine and Science course in the list of programs is in keeping with the long-term development and sustainability of the sport.


Mr George said that this year FIFA has placed attention on this course after recent data showed that the careers of many footballers are ending early due to injuries sustained during the game.


Mr George is part of a team currently on the island holding discussions with officials at the Dominica Football Association for participation in the CONCACAF program.


“Very often we think that the game is just about running on the field and playing but there are injuries that are sustained and in very rare cases some that are life threatening or would end your career early. There will be anti-doping  sessions, for example,” said George.


Mr George also announced that a third degree program which was only offered in Europe can now be pursued at the University of the West Indies St Augustine Campus in Trinidad.


“It is originally available in Italy, England and Switzerland, three campuses across Europe. One program in all three campuses, you must attend all three programs to graduate but it is now being offered at the UWI St Augustine Campus in Trinidad. Anybody from Dominica can apply for it but they must apply through the DFA and the association will send that request to CONCACAF who would then forward it to FIFA. If it is approved FIFA will finance the entire project,” announced George.


Last year FIFA spearheaded over 400 courses throughout the world, and have already listed 585 programs which will be facilitated during the 2010/2011 football season.

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