Film Producer Wants Discrimination Against HIV Victims to Stop

HIV.jpgOne young film producer is calling on persons to stop discriminating against persons who are infected with the  Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

This passionate message came from 25 year old Manager of Adrenalin Ads, Ms. Narlie Bertrand who hails from the community of Laudat.

Ms. Bertrand recently completed a 2 day training workshop in Antigua which was geared towards building the capacity of 30 young television producers from 16 countries to deliver top quality TV programming on HIV. She says the persons who are infected with this deadly disease are normal persons who should be treated equally.

She also advised the persons who are living with HIV to take special care of themselves as they are responsible for their self.

Ms. Bertrand said it is vital that a condom be used each time persons are engaging in the act of sex, as it will  protect them from HIV and all other forms of sexually transmitted diseases.

She added that true friends will always point each other in the right direction if one is going down the wrong path, which is the attitude we need to have in protecting ourselves against HIV and AIDS.

As part of the training she received in Antigua, the producer has to create a two minute documentary focusing on HIV and AIDS.

This documentary will address the issue of discrimination and respect all in the effort to sensitize the public on why it is important to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases.

Ms. Bertrand pointed out that this documentary in addition to providing exposure for her will promote Dominica as it will be done entirely by Dominicans.

Some of the aspects that the workshop covered were the number of persons infected with HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean, how to stop and the effects of discrimination, ways to live a normal life with HIV and methods to sensitize the public on ways to protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases.

Ms. Bertrand added that the workshop taught her things such as the importance of time management, budgeting wisely, and being responsible, among other aspects.

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