Filming Programme On Jimmy The Whale

Mr. Jimmy Doherty a British Presenter, best known for programming on farming; looking at organic and sustainable ways of using natural resources, is now in Dominica filming a programme on whales off the shores of Dominica.

Mr. Doherty is also known for his wildlife programmes with the BBC.

He is joined by Joy Reidenberg, a New York whale anatomist and physiologist, who has recently become well known in the UK because of her role as an expert in the hit series ‘Inside Nature’s Giants’, where huge animals are dissected to explore their extraordinary adaptations.

They are in Dominica working with Dominica’s ‘Whale Whisperer’ Mr. Andrew Armour, who has been able to build a personal relationship with the incredible animals, and is now facilitating a unique and privileged view of their secret lives and a chance to carrying out some unique science.

Their adventure will be documented and made into a 90 minute documentary for Channel 4 in the UK.

Throughout this journey they will explore the world of the whale, the life of the people of Dominica and come to understand how the two are linked.

The over-riding message will be that the health of the whales impacts on the health of the sea on which we all depend.

ITV Studios will be seeking to leave a legacy of this positive message, especially celebrating the work Dominican’s have already done to keep whales safe, and to encourage further respect of them in the future.

In so doing they have commissioned local artist Mr. Marcus Cuffy to paint a mural on the northern wall of the Roseau City Council property, symbolizing this core message.

This mural was supported by Harris Paints Dominica Limited, who supplied the paints for the mural and the Roseau City Council who gave permission to upgrade the wall and for the mural to be painted on it.

The mural was unveiled by His Worship Mayor Cecil Joseph.

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