Fined for stealing an onion


onion.jpgAccording to the facts of the case read by Police Prosecutor, Inspector Claude Weekes, John Henderson of Vielle Case, entered Save A Lot Supermarket on Saturday April 21st at 9:50 a.m.


Upon entering the supermarket Mr. Henderson was monitored by the security guard on duty, which saw the defendant place an onion valued at 50 cents into his right front pocket, and then passed the cashier and walked out of the building.


The security guard then stopped Mr. Henderson and asked to search him, which he allowed.


When questioned about the onion, Mr. Henderson said that he came in the store with his onion.


A report was made to the police and Mr. Henderson was arrested.


When questioned by the arresting officer about the incident, the defendant said that he came with his onion so they have no case against him.

In mitigation Mr. Henderson said that he was sorry for being in court for such a simple offence for stealing an onion, and pleaded for leniency.


The defendant was fined $300 to be paid by June 30th 2012 or face 6 weeks imprisonment.

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