Fire at Bioche destroy four houses and a disco

The Fire and Ambulance Services Department are continuing investigations into a fire incident in the community of Bioche which destroyed four homes and a disco during the early hours of July 14th.


Reports indicated that two of the homes which were being occupied by Kem Vidal and Unadie Vidal at the time were totally destroyed, as well as the disco.


One eye witness Mr Gary Christopher spoke to SAT TV News, following the incident.


“It was just about a little past midnight when I heard someone calling for help. Then when I came I saw the houses on fire, everything was already burning up. There was no time to save anything…” the eyewitness said.


The two other dwelling houses, occupied by Shepherd Sabaroche and Thomas Deluge was partially consumed, while the roof of another building also received minor damage.


Unadie Vidal said that while it is not confirmed the fire may have started from one of the telephone polls in the area.


The victims said that they had no time to save anything. The cost of damages and the cause of the fire are currently under investigation by the fire department and police officials.

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