Fire Department Saves Homes from Being Engulfed by Bus Fire


SAT Telecommunications Ltd Technicians on the job

The timely response from the Fire Department in responding to a major bush fire on Friday March 8th 2013, was vital as it prevented homes from being engulfed by the intense blaze.

One of the property owners who was very angry at the time, Mr. Derrick says, he was not home at the time of the fire, however when he was called by his neighbour alerting him of the fire he came immediately.

He said he tried as best as he could to extinguish the fire, but it was beyond his control so the Fire Department was called.

He said if they do not get a fire hydrant in the vicinity, the fire if it occurs anytime again could be a lot worse than this time.

Another resident, Ms. Matilda Charles said, when she saw the smoke she closed her windows, but when she looked outside a short moment after she saw a lot of flames from the fire.

Although no home were burnt by this fire, SAT Telecoms suffered a huge loss, as the fire burnt a large section of its fibre optics cable in the Morne Daniel community.


Fibre Maintenance Technician at SAT Telecoms, Mr. Edsel Carriere

Fibre Maintenance Technician at SAT Telecoms, Mr. Edsel Carriere who was busy at work with his team installing new fibre optics cable revealed that as a result of this fire, many of their customers lost cable TV and internet services.

Some of the communities  to experience loss of service included; Coulibistrie, Dublanc, Bioche, Portsmouth and environs, and the North East communities among others.

Mr. Carriere pointed out that, the main challenge is having to carry all their equipment from the road deep into the bushes where they are installing new fibre.

He revealed that when the fire occurred, they worked ceaselessly through the night up until 3am in the morning during poor lighting conditions, and at times had to use their cellphones as light while cutting and joining fibre.

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