Fire destroys LIAT aircraft

liat.jpgSmoke filled the skies Sunday night as one of LIATs two hangars went up in flames, carrying with it one of its aircraft; the motor pool; operations office, and several other offices.


Firemen fought with heavy winds from about 9:40 pm to put out the flames but two hours later the blaze was still raging.


The hangar is not used on the weekend and the aircraft registration LGH was in the centre for a routine C check or engine check.


The LIAT hangar has been completely destroyed and employees of LIAT have confirmed that one Dash-8 aircraft, apparently under repair, was in the hangar and was destroyed.


Antiguan reporter Ms. Martina Johnson says:

The first of several explosions occurred at approximately 10.00 pm and since then there have been several further blasts, as fuel tanks in the area succumb to the heat and blaze.


The employees believes fuel and oil could have been stored in the hangar, and would have contributed to the rapid spread of the fire.


Several fire engines five at last count are attending the conflagration, dousing the flames with water.


LIAT hangar is completely destroyed, everything in it including Dash-8 aircraft lost, it is reported that an underground fuel line that passes under hangar ruptured.

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