Fire Officials Investigate Burnt Boat at Coast Guard Base


Burnt Boat at Coast Guard Base

Fire Officials have launched an investigation into a fire which burnt a boat at the Coast Guard Base, located in Fond Cole in the early hours of Friday July 19th.


Burnt Boat at Coast Guard Base

Public Relations Officer of the Dominica Fire and Ambulance Services, Mr. Wayne Letang has more details.

The boat set aflame was named ‘Bowdel’, with registration number J7132PMH parked within the Coast Guard Base.

This incident followed the arrest of three men who were arrested in a drug bust at Stowe in Grand Bay on 12th July and was later denied bail.

Shan Pierre and Jerry Henry of Grand Bay as well as Prosper Durand of Good Hope who resides at Stockfarm, were jointly charged with possession of cannabis, possession with intent to supply cannabis and the importation of 1400 pounds of cannabis.

Prosper Durand was charged separately with offloading goods from a vessel in a location other than a customs examination area and failure to give customs notice of arrival.

When the three defendants appeared before Magistrate Bernard Paquette on Thursday July 18th, they were denied bail when police prosecutor Michael Laudat, requested additional time for police officers to complete their investigations.


Burnt Boat at Coast Guard Base

Police prosecutor inspector Michael Laudat objected to bail on the grounds that two other persons fled the scene and have not yet been found.

These individuals are believed to be Vincentians and according to Mr Laudat, they may be in hiding in Grand Bay.

According to police officials, the seized cannabis is worth $1.427 million dollars.

The trial is scheduled for December 2nd 2013 in Grand Bay.

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