Fire Officials’ Quick Response Saves Houses from Being Engulfed by Runaway Bush Fire

vlcsnap-2013-02-27-15h24m53s237Residents from the village of Point Michel had high praises for the Roseau Fire Department, for their quick response in attending to a bush fire in that community on Wednesday February 27th 2013.

Numerous residents who live in the immediate area where the fire spread, said had it not been for the Fire Department’s quick response, the fire would have engulfed a number of houses.

One resident, who lives across the road from where the fire started, stated that, when he woke up at 7:30 am, he saw some smoke, but thought it was someone burning rubbish, however after seeing the amount of smoke, he realized something was wrong.

He added that, although he was not in any immediate danger, the thick clouds of smoke and ash made it a somewhat difficult to breathe.

Another resident of Point Michel whose home was saved by the quick response of the Fire Officers, Ms. Curlin Simon said, she saw the smoke, she thought it was rubbish being burnt, on the other hand, when she noticed her neighbor running for buckets of water, she realized this was no ordinary fire.

Ms. Simon said she was told that, a young man was burning rubbish on the empty lot near her home, but left it unattended and the strong winds caused the fire to spread.

vlcsnap-2013-02-27-15h25m41s163She pointed out the assistance of neighbors using buckets of water to put out the fire was a good initiative which was appreciated by the Fire Officers.

Ms. Simon sends a special Thank You to the Fire Officers who responded to the incident.

The young man who allegedly started the fire, said that he was cleaning an empty lot of land which has pa gwatay trees.

When the wind blows, the fluff from the tree spreads causing excessive itching to humans, and the residents have been complaining about it.

He said the fire was small, so he left with the intention of returning to monitor it.

While at home, he said he was called by a neighbor shouting that the fire had spread and he needs to come now, so he ran to the site.

When he arrived he used a garden hose to try to extinguish the blaze, but the magnitude of the fire proved to be overwhelming for the small garden hose, so the Fire Department was called.

The residents in the area were thankful that, only the trees on the abandoned lot were damaged as a result of this runaway bush fire.




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