First Annual Eggleston Heritage Festival Carded for Saturday


booths in the making on site of heritage festival

The first annual Eggleston Heritage Festival will commence from Saturday 3rd to Monday 5th August 2013.

The event will be held in collaboration with the Cultural Division as part of the Emancipation Celebration Program.

The Heritage Festival will include exhibitions, vending booths and entertainment, including a pageant promoting Eggleston’s cultural/traditional art form and lifestyle.

Proceeds made by the Committee will go towards community development activities.

The event will be hosted annually.  The first donations will be towards the upgrade of the playing field and pavilion at Gladdis Park in Eggleston.

The Official Opening of the Festival will be on Saturday 3rd August, 3pm at the Heritage Site.

Self and community enhancement projects including a Summer Day Camp Projects with the Youth Development Division and the Drug Education Unit, a Fun Day, Pageant, Traditional J’ouvert Street Jam, Landscaping/Beatification Projects among others will take place prior to/during the three day event.


Coordinator of the Eggleston Heritage Festival, Ms. Shirley Alexander

The General Public is invited and is assured by Coordinator of the Eggleston Heritage Festival, Ms.  Shirley Alexander, that it will be a weekend of fun and entertainment.

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