First Training Course on Productivity to Take Place

Parry BellotOwner of Parry Bellot Enterprises, Mr Parry Bellot, in his drive to increase productivity on the Island, has received some optimistic feedback.

According to Mr. Bellot the group has received confirmation on funding for its first ever productivity training course.

“We can confirm for instance that the Caribbean Development Bank through the AID Bank will be funding completely a course on customer service”, he stated.

Trainers will include specialists from across the region.

The group has also begun preliminary discussions on the regional conference on productivity scheduled to take place sometime later this year.

Mr. Bellot pointed out that although the movement focuses on Dominica, the entire Caribbean has had to face the unfortunate sting that results from lack of productivity.

According to investigations carried out, productivity is decreasing among Caribbean islands.

Mr. Bellot noted that in order to maintain our standard of living in the world, we must to attempt to increase productivity.

The Chinese he said, have stepped up their game in the Dominican market and we therefore have to strive to compete to attract not only local consumers but regional and possibly international buyers.

Business organisations interested in participating in this training course are invited to send applications to the coordinating company, Parry Bellot Enterprises or send an email to

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