Fisher Folk Enjoy the Convenience of New Filling Station

vlcsnap-2013-08-28-13h56m43s137The fishermen from the Soufriere, Scotts Head and Gallion constituency are now concluding that it is much easier to access fuel for fishing.

The St. Marks fisherfolk filling station not only benefits the fishermen but the entire community.

Over the past years the fishermen from these communities struggled with obtaining gas for their boats to go fishing and for them this issue was becoming problematic.

The facility has assisted the fishermen by providing them with fuel at a reasonable price, while making available a rebate, of 50 cents available to them for every gallon of gas purchased.

The Filling station was officially opened on Tuesday August 20th and is being managed by the cooperative in that community.

The project was funded by the Venezuela Government through the Petro Caribe Fund.



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