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Fisheries Consultation Participants

The ACP FISH II project has approved a training workshop for Dominica entitled, “Training workshop of Fisher folks in Business Planning and Management: ICT Applications for Fish Enterprise Management Training.”

The purpose of this training which started on Monday September 3rd is to provide Dominica’s fisher folks, fisheries regulators, and fishers’ co-ops members with tools and practical guidelines in the basic principles of business management and economics.

This will be done using internet and computer technologies (ICT), and their use in planning and operating profitable, efficient, and productive fisheries enterprises.

Mr. Norris says as Dominica’s fisheries structure is still growing, they have realized that many of the cooperatives do not have the capacity within themselves to keep proper records, including proper accounting.

He said without this crucial data fishers are at a disadvantage when applying for loans from various organizations.

He pointed out that one of the problems encountered with fishers is the fact that there is no evidence of their business type activity due to them not keeping records.

They also have to do annual general meetings to give an account of fish production in their communities and produce financial statements.

Facilitator of the consultation Mr. Reginald Severin says, one of the hindrances in the development of the fisheries sector in Dominica is the lack of proper record keeping, in addition to the tendency among fishers for not keeping records.

With this he said they cannot analyze the impact of the fishing industry in Dominica, so this consultation is very important to get things done the right way.

He said this has been a serious missing link and is one of the critical things needed to manage the sector properly.

The facilitator added that one of the things that set the business apart from the rest is the quality of records they keep, in terms of the products they sell and being able to account for the revenue generated.

One of the participants of the consultation Mr. Olu Obonyo who is the Secretary of the St. Mark Fish folk and Tourism Cooperative pointed out that, this consultation is very useful for all those involved in the fishing industry.

He added that if the information learnt is put into play by the fisher folk there will be a much better database of record keeping for fisheries.

Mr. Obonyo says fishing needs to be approached in a business manner so it can be elevated to a higher dimension than how it is currently.

He is advising all fishers to keep exact records of income, expenditure, and profit made which will enable them to know how well or bad they are doing from a business stand point.

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