Fisheries Division Investigation Death of Fishes


Testing of the dead Kaies

The Fisheries Division has launched an investigation into the death of a number of fish, locally termed Kaie.

Chief Fisheries Officer in the Fisheries Division, Mr. Andrew Magloire, stated this begun when a number of fishes were found dead in the area known as Baytown, Roseau, near the Roseau River on Saturday August 3rd.

While testing one of the dead Kaies, Mr. Magloire noted during their early stages of this investigation, it appeared that the fishes suffered from oxygen stress.

Looking further at the muscle tissues of the fish, to see if nematodes were present, or if worms or an infection, which could lead to its death, none were found, as all muscle lines remained clean, in addition to the heart, which seemed to be in perfect order, Mr. Magloire explained.

The aortic arch in the heart of the fish shows very little signs of oxyhemoglobin, which contributes to the red colour of the blood.

He said thus far, these are the only findings they have noticed, using the facilities they have for testing, but they will send samples to labs to carry out more thorough tests on the dead fish.


Chief Fisheries Officer in the Fisheries Division, Mr. Andrew Magloire

He noted, it could be that the fish suffer from a lack of oxygen in the water, or some other contributing factor, but what is peculiar is that this has only affected the Kaie species, as to date no other fish has been observed to be affected by this issue.

The Kaie migrates in very large schools and when they are exposed to an environment with little oxygen, they stop eating.

Mr. Magloire stated they will go out to various areas where these dead fish were found, to conduct further tests to assess the situation.

The highest percentage of deaths was seen in Roseau, however the population of fish that were found dead is less than one percent.


Testing of the dead Kaies

The dead Kaie was first discovered in Baytown, Roseau, then near Rodney’s Rock in Jimmit then in Point Round in Portsmouth.

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