Fitness Instructor Wants Dominicans to Take Control of Their Health

Dominicans are being urged to take control of their health. Exercising regularly can curb their chances of being a statistic, in the number of persons who are suffering from obesity and eliminate illnesses associated to obesity.

This wakeup call is coming from the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA)’s Certified Fitness Specialist, Ms. Deborah Hoekstra. She says after completing her studies in Canada she moved back to Dominica, her homeland so that she can fight the increase in obesity here.

Ms. Hoekstra who is also part of DA Fitness Team added that it is not all about fitness for her in her work, but also balancing life in terms of stress and relationships and wellness.

Ms. Hoekstra says that when she completed her studyies in Canada she received many employment offers from gyms, however looking at Canada there are gyms on every block while Dominica has the highest rate of obesity in the Caribbean and wanted to do something to change that.

She added that Dominica is ranked number 10 in the world among countries with obesity and overweight people, and being a Fitness Specialist originally from Dominica it was only right that she come back to help her family, friends and fellow Dominicans.

She says one of her long terms goals is to see more fitness instructors in Dominica, so that Dominica can be known as a wellness destination where all residents and visitors can benefit from being fit and healthy.

Her fitness studio located in Belfast which is open from Mondays to Fridays. Ms. Hoekstra says she prefers to work with women as they are more shy, and do not necessarily like to work out among men.

Owner of Tranquil Heaven Spa, Ms. Kathleen Henry who also works with DA Fitness says she opened her business as a massage therapist, with the realization that Dominicans do not take their health seriously which is not a good thing.

Ms. Henry says as Dominicans we need to take a closer look at the types of foods we eat, so that we will not always be in a constant battle in of trying to lose weight as a lot of the choices we make in our diet contribute to being overweight.

She added we must also consume a lot of water as it detoxes the body while flushing out the kidneys.

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