Five Receives Special Recognition and Golden Drum Awards


Alfred Family of Giraudel receives Golden Drum Award for the Floriculture and Floral Decoration

Five individuals received special recognition at the Golden Drum Award Ceremony presented by the National Cultural Council and the Division of Culture, held at the Arawak House of Culture on Tuesday July 30th.

The Special Recognition Awards presented by the Honorable Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Mrs. Justina Charles, went to: Dennison “King Dice” Joseph for the Development of Calypso, Lennox Alexander for the Development and Promotion of Steelpan Music, Nadira Lando for Carnival Pageantry, Birdy Phillip for the Preservation of Tradional Dance and Cedric Phillip for the Development and Promotion of Choral Music.

The Golden Drum Awards, presented by His Excellency the President Eluid Williams, went to:

Elue Alexander for the Preservation of Traditional Culture, Alfred Family of Giraudel for the Floriculture and Floral Decoration, Purcell Christian for Music Education and Performance, Ian Jackson for Music and Creative Writing and Prosper Paris for the Preservation of Indigenous Culture.

Mr Elue Alexander was awarded for contributing to Dominica’s traditional culture for the past 45 years  and has been a member of the Warner Jing Ping Band for many years.

Purcell Christian, was awarded for giving praise-worthy service work in music education and performance.

Mr Christian was recognized for being a member of the Music Lover’s Government Band for the past 34 years in trumpet,  tuber and bass guitar.


Cedric Phillip receives Special Recogniton for the Development and Promotion of Choral Music.

Ian Jackson was awarded for his writing of numerous songs in a wide variety of music genres and earning 21 titles.

Prosper Paris was awarded for giving highly commendable service having engaged in cultural animation for the past 36 years working with a number of groups in the Kalinago Territory.

He was also recognized for promoting the Kalinago heritage in the areas of music, dance, storytelling, boat building, herbal medicine and carnival arts and a member of the Karifuna Cultural Group and Kalinago Council.


Dennison “King Dice” Joseph receives special recognition for the Development of Calypso

The Alfred Family of Giraudel was awarded for perpetuating the fine tradition of floral cultivation and marketing for over one hundred years, having for three generations grown flowers for sale at the Roseau Market.

There were performances from the Warner Jing Ping Band, Karifuna Cultural Group, Flamboyant Dancers, River Song, Paix Bouche Drummers, Waitikubuli Dance Theatre Company and King Dice.

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