Five Years for Tete Morne Resident

kelvin alexander

Kelvin Alexander

Magistrate Bernard Pacquette spared no effort, as he imposed a five year custodial sentence, on 46 year old Kelvin Alexander from Tete Morne, for theft of $335.00 from Island Petroleum Gas Station in Newtown.

Alexander, who appeared before the Magistrate on August 30th 2013, was charged for theft and robbery.

He pleaded guilty to the theft charge but not guilty to the robbery charge, which was consequently withdrawn by police prosecutor Michael Laudat, as Alexander had pleaded guilty to theft.

According to the facts of the case, at approximately 9:25 am on August 26th, the defendant walked into the Island Petroleum Gas Station, inquiring about the price of a bottle of oil.

He was informed by Melanie Anselm, the gas attendant that it cost $14.75.

He then went outside to refer to the person, who had asked him to purchase the item via telephone.

Alexander returned with EC $20.00 to pay for the item, keeping his helmet on as disguise the entire time.

Anselm then proceeded to the office, where the cash register was kept, when Alexander opened the door behind her.

When Ms. Anselm informed him that he was not allowed inside the office, he pulled out a black gun with a grey handle and pointed it at her.

He then requested that she hand over all the money in the cash register to him and to open the vault which contained most of the money.

However, Ms. Anselm informed him that she did not have the code to open it. The vault contained contained $28,000.00 in cash at the time of the incident.

He had later ordered her to lie on the floor, when a customer came in and Alexander ran off.

In mitigation, Defence Attorney Ronald Charles, pleaded with the court, stating that Alexander is the breadwinner for his children, is remorseful for his actions and did not waste the Court’s time.

Charles continued and asked the Magistrate not to impose a custodial sentence on his client.

Magistrate Pacquette told the defendant that an example needs to be made for persons who these crimes; otherwise people would go about committing crimes and assume they can get away with it.

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