Focus on Human Touch, Urges Choice Hotels Executive

Bill Clegg

At a time when consumers are bombarded with promotions of glitzy buildings, immaculate grounds and the alluring sea frontages of resorts, an executive from a leading international lodging company says, the human touch is key to the building of memorable visits for guests, and a major contributor to the operation of a successful property.

Speaking on the panel “people to people: the importance of service and value” at the caribbean tourism summit and outlook seminar in Montego Bay, Jamaica last month, Bill Clegg of choice hotels international contended there are at least 11 “touch points,” during which each guest interacts with a hotel in one way or another.

Mr. Clegg, the regional vice president for brand performance and programs, stressed the importance of these “touch points” and recognizing them, “from the start of on-line research to actually making reservations, from the van on the way to the hotel, through check-in, and even as they encounter housekeeping, grounds, restaurant, and other staff during their stay.

“Underscoring the importance of each staff member, Mr. Clegg reminded how the human touch makes a significant effect on visitors.

He added each of us has a spark of hospitality within us, and it is how we all build on that spark, as team members at every hotel that will ensure guests recognize and appreciate our commitment to hospitality and guest satisfaction.

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