Folk musician concert at the Alliance Francais

Patrons gathered in large numbers at the Alliance Francais on Saturday June 26th to get a taste of something different as the US Embassy hosted the Joe Jencks folk musician concert. Mr. Jencks is currently touring the Eastern Caribbean and embraces the opportunity to focus on social justice and injustice and labour rights through music. His soothing vocals and skillful guitar playing has caused him to climb the USA folk charts to second position for the album “the candle and the flame,” in 2007.  Chief Cultural Officer, Mr. Raymond Lawrence expressed gratitude to Mr. Jencks and the United States embassy at the concert. The Deputy Public Affairs Officer of the United States embassy, Mr. Joseph Charlotte also spoke at the event and informed the audience of Mr. Jencks greatest achievements over the past years. He continued by stating that music is a universal language which the United States of America uses to communicate to the world. Mr Charlotte concluded his address by emphasizing that the cultural exchange is geared at strengthening countries’ relationships and also connecting deeper friendship between nations. He expressed gratitude to Alliance Francais and the Ministry of Culture for making the event a success.

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