Fond Cole residents fear that a blocked drain may soon pose as a health hazard in the Community

Residents in the Fond Cole area are calling on the relevant authorities to address a drainage problem in their community, which they say are causing havoc when it rains. According to one resident, the issue has been at hand for more than two years and poses as a serious problem to both pedestrians and motorists in the area.


The Fond Cole resident said that this situation does not only affect residents in the area, but is also a predicament for visitors and passerbys.


He continued saying that some level of priority should be given to the matter, as the problem is likely to intensify, especially as we are in the hurricane season.


The residents fear that the water which accumulates and forms a basin will later lead to a health hazard in the community. They are hoping that the relevant authorities will bring some closure to this matter in the quickest possible time.

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