Food and Nutrition Draft Policy

The Food and Nutrition Council convened a consultation on the draft policy which took place on Wednesday November 28th, 2012.

This took place as the Food & Nutrition Council, established by Government some 32 years ago is engaged in the final stages of reviewing our Food & Nutrition Policy for Dominica.

As we are aware, the eating habits of our population have been subtly eroded over the years and given way to more foreign tastes, leading to a detriment in the health status of Dominicans and dwindling of our farming community.

Technical Officer in the Division of Agriculture, and Member of the Dominica Food and Nutrition Council Mr. Winston Magloire says last year December, there was a validation workshop where the document was reviewed while making adjustments.

The policy hinges on food availability, access, affordability and safety in the context of the health, education, and socio- economic status of the population.

Other important areas of focus in the policy, include climate change and resilience and its impact on sustainable agriculture.

It is necessary that every sector of the population should contribute to the efforts of the council to address the many issues of food and nutrition which confront us as a developing nation.

Mr. Magloire says with every sector there is a policy such as in agriculture and tourism and so with food there should be no difference.

He said one of the issues of agriculture in Dominica is that we have always tended to produce for the export market, whilst not paying attention to the deficiencies of the local market.

Mr. Magloire pointed out that the policy will also look at issue related to stability and issues related to disaster preparedness and mitigation to ensure a stable food supply.

The policy is also important to complete a culturally suitable Policy document which will facilitate the promotion of the health status of the Dominican population.

Once the policy is finalized it will then be presented to the Government of Dominica for ratification later this year.


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