Football Association invest over $ 12,000 in an internet café for footballers

The Dominica Football Association is moving one step further in making more opportunities available to local footballers, this time, in education.


 On Wednesday afternoon, the DFA officially opened an internet café at the football house in Bath Estate, an initiative they believe, will help footballers to educate themselves with the rules of the game, while monitoring various techniques of the game.


 The $12,000 FIFA investment comprise of four flat screen computers with accessories and a printer, along with wireless internet.


 President of the Dominica Football Association, Mr. Patrick John says that the internet café will also assist all footballers who operate under the DFA wing, especially those who are students in the under 14 and under 17 categories.


 The internet café will be available to the footballers at absolutely no cost and its operational cost will fall under the expenses of the DFA office itself.


 Treasurer of the DFA, Mr. Phillip White says that referees and coaches, as well as other DFA officials will also benefit from the facility.


 Treasurer Clifford Celaire noted that this is just one of the new initiatives undertaken by the DFA to develop footballers academically, since they have assisting many footballers to undertake their SAT's.


 A technician will be contracted to service and provide the relevant technical maintenance services for the efficient operation of the internet café.

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