Football Legend Pele’s Son Sentenced to Jail

Pele's son Edson Cholbi do Nascimento

Pele’s son Edson Cholbi do Nascimento

The son of the Brazilian football legend, Pele, has been sentenced to 33 years in jail for laundering money raised from drug trafficking.

Edinho is a retired footballer who played goalkeeper for Pele’s old club, Santos, in the 1990s.

He was first arrested in 2005 and has served a sentence for drug trafficking offences and links with a notorious drug dealer in the city of Santos.

He admits he had a drug problem but denies the trafficking charges.

The ruling was issued by a judge in the nearby coastal city of Praia Grande, in Sao Paulo state.

Brazilian media have not been able to contact Edinho, whose real name is Edson Cholbi do Nascimento, but they say he is expected to appeal.

43 year old Edinho works as a goalkeeping coach at Santos.

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