Forester Peter may be Sentenced to 13 Months Imprisonment

court3.jpg23 year old Wesley Forester Peter of Scotts Head, will have to come up with $1800 before March 31st 2013, to avoid being sentenced to prison for 6 months, after pleading guilty to possession of cannabis.

He also has to raise a sum of $2700 before May 31st 2013 or will be sentenced to 7 months imprisonment as he pled guilty to possession of cannabis with intent to supply.

According to the facts of the case on December 25th at about 4:30am, members of the Drug Squad who were on a mobile patrol in Roseau, took a strong smell of cannabis and spotted the defendant sitting near Digicel on Great Marlborough Street, smoking what appeared to be a cannabis cigarette.

When approached by an officer Mr. Peter ran while throwing the cannabis cigarette.

When he was caught a search of a bag which was on his back revealed several clear bags of what looked like cannabis.

Which when questioned about it he told the officer it is weed for his medical purposes.

He was then cautioned and arrested.

The substance later tested positive for cannabis, with a street value of $1,096.00.

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