Forestry Division Working on Crackdown of Smuggling of Wildlife

cooked-crayfish-1The Forestry Division is working to establish formal arrangements with neighbouring islands Guadeloupe and Martinique, following numerous attempts by individuals to smuggle wildlife from Dominica to these countries.

Protection Officer at the Forestry Division, Mr. Ronald Charles, said he is not sure how the illegal operation functions, however something needs to be done to stop it.

According to Mr. Charles, although these formal arrangements can work, the effort needs to be focused, firstly on stopping persons from leaving Dominica with the wildlife.

This became an immediate issue, after a Dominican National attempted to smuggle a cooler with a large quantity of frozen crayfish, to one of the neighbouring French Islands and was caught red handed at the Roseau Ferry Terminal.

The cooler was hidden in a suit case.

images (1)According to the Laws of Dominica, anyone caught smuggling crayfish is subject to a fine of $400.00; however this fine is currently being revised by Cabinet for a higher penalty.

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