Former Attorney General clears the air on his involvement in a passport scam

Former Attorney General Bernard Wiltshire has denied any involvement in the passport scam though admitting he had innocently dealt with several persons allegedly involved in the crime.


Mr. Wiltshire made this confirmation in his response to reports in the media last week that he was held for questioning by police in a matter involving fraudulent documents and passports in which two civil servants have been formally charged.


Public servants Nash Mitchell and Lyndon Marie appeared in court last week Monday on forgery charges in relation to the passport scam.


They are facing charges of 14 counts of forgery, including the possession and uttering of forged commonwealth of Dominica passports and birth certificates.


The crimes allegedly took place between November 11th, 2005 and March 31st, 2011 and already 40 forged passports have been reportedly identified by police.


Reports also indicated that most of the passports held carry Islamic names.


Police believe there are more and that the alleged passport scam has placed Dominica’s sovereignty into the focus of the international community with consequences for legitimate passport holders.


Several other persons are being investigated for the crime.


Bail has been denied to the two men, who are currently remanded at the Dominica State Prison, awaiting their trial.

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