Former Fort Young employee receives thousands of dollars in compensation for wrongful dismissal


The Water Front and Allied Workers Union (WAWU) is living up to its reputation of providing effective service and representation to its members, as it has won yet another case, thereby demonstrating the efficiency of its representation. 


According to the General Secretary of WAWU Mr. Kertis Augustus, Julia Joseph, who was the union’s shop steward at the Fort Young Hotel was terminated last year for what management deemed as poor performance.


However, when the union reviewed the matter, they found out that Fort Young’s management was not complying with the Protection of Employment Act, since they terminated the Joseph’s contract after four (4) month and 19 days, when the law clearly states that there is a window of opportunity which is a three (3) month period within which an employer can terminate an employee’s contract for poor performance.


Nevertheless, Fort Young’s Management did not agree with them at the domestic level and so, the union was forced to take the matter to the Labour Division, where Fort Young’s Management engaged a consultant in industrial relations.


This victory is coming swiftly on the heels of a matter that they successfully settled at the tribunal level with Josephine Gabriel and Company Limited, regarding two employees that the union proved to have been wrongfully terminated.


In other related news, the union has received a letter confirming that the management of Dominica Coconut Products has accepted the proposals that they have submitted requesting a revision of the collective labour agreement.


Mr. Augustus said that they had already begun negotiations earlier this year and this time negations are expected to continue for a period of three (3) years.

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