Former Parliamentary Representative of the Paix-Bouche Constituency Mr. Elias Dupuis passes on


Parliamentary Representative for the Paix-Bouche Constituency Honourable Matthew Walter is describing the death of former parliamentarian and surveyor Mr. Elias Dupuis of Bense as a great loss for his constituency.


While expressing his deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Mr. Dupuis, Mr. Walter said that there is absolutely no doubt that Mr.Dupuis who passed away last week, served the Paix-Bouche with great distinction as a surveyor, a sportsman, a community person and a politician.


Elias Dupuis was born in the northern village of Bense on 24th January, 1960 to Carmen and Herbert Dupuis.


He was an Assistant Teacher at the Bense Primary School before working as a surveyor at the Land and Surveys Division of the Ministry of Agriculture since 1981until he resigned in 1999 to present himself as a candidate for a seat in Parliament to represent his people in the Paix-Bouche constituency.


Apart from being the Secretary of the Land Surveyors Association, he has also acted as Director of Surveys and Commissioner of Lands. He was also the owner of Dupuis Surveys on Bay Street in Portsmouth.


Affectionately known as Lio, he was a devoted christian and family man, living in Bense with his wife Dr. Corinthia Fabien Dupuis, and two children, Orville and Avery Dupuis.

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