President of the DAVA call on students to adopt physical education as a daily routine

President of the Dominica Amateur Volleyball Association,  Mr Rupert Sorhaindo has sent an appeal to parents and students, to adopt physical education as part of their daily routine.


Sorhaindo made this appeal after he presented the Dominica State College with eight (8) volleyballs at a special assembly held at the DSC on January 26th, 2011.


He says that the presentation should serve as a motivator for the DSC volleyball teams, who placed first in the men’s division and second in the women’s division, at the 2010 Sports Division Schools Volleyball Championships.


Sorhaindo says the Dominica Amateur Volleyball Association will also be working with the Dominica State College to establish national youth and junior teams to prepare them for participation in regional and continental tournaments.


He says the president of the college, Dr Donald Peters have welcomed the move and for that, they are grateful.


Sorhaindo also informed the students that a Japanese volunteer volleyball coach has been recruited by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for a two-year coaching assignment in Dominica.


He is hopeful that students at the Dominica State College will take advantage of this training.


Similar presentations are to be made to the Portsmouth Secondary School, whose girls’ team won the women’s championship, and to the Northeastern Comprehensive School who placed second in the men’s division.


Next year, the association expects to make a donation of 40 mini volleyballs to the Sports Division, for use in the primary schools mini-volleyball programme.


The volleyballs that are being distributed to the schools are from the annual allocation of volleyballs received by the DAVA from the North and Central America and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation.

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