Fortune Resident Says Parl Rep Shows No Concern for Constituency

Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit announced at a Dominica Labour Party held in St. Joseph early this year that all nonperforming Ministers would be replaced, in addition to making all constituencies vacant in the next general election, and ministers will have to write up a proposal to him on why they should continue as a minister.

However one minister appears to have not understood the seriousness of such a statement.

Residents of Fortune, Giraudel and Eggleston fall under the Roseau South Constituency under of Honourable Ambrose George.

The residents are saying that there is no representation, and it seems they have been left on their own since after the 2009 General Election.

Many of the residents expressed their dissatisfaction in Mr. Georges, lack of representation for these villages and say it is time that something is done.

However due to the fear of victimization they declined speaking on camera about their plight.

“Mobile Man”

One resident of Fortune known as the ‘Mobile Man,’ had no problem expressing the concerns of his camera shy fellow villagers says.

He says, one of their major issues is the deplorable condition of the Fortune road for many years now.

The Mobile Man says that some of the other concerns of the Fortune residents are the need for a laundry and also proper drainage which he considers to be a small project.

He added that Mr. George knows what Fortune needs but is so out of touch with the people that he does not care to do any project to try and alleviate some of the difficulties they are facing.

There was a committee in place in Fortune where ideas where brought up to better enhance the community, however that did not last long as the few that attended said their concerns were falling on deaf ears.

Some areas of the road is so bad that it can be described as a mine field, and residents had to resort to using their own resources to patch some of the worst areas in the road.

This proved to be a temporary fix and a more permanent solution is needed.

The Mobile Man added with Community Day of Service coming up soon where the government’s main focus will be beautification, it seems the residents of Fortune, Eggleston and Giraudel will have to beauty by planting flowers in the large pots holes which are all over the villages.

The residents are calling on Mr. George their Parliamentary Representative to please do all in his power, so their concerns can be addressed especially as it relates to the deplorable condition of the road.



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