Fourteen (14) calypsonians to take the stage for the Real Mas 2011 at the Massacre/Canefield Primary


Organizers of the fourth Annual Massacre/Canefield Primary School Calypso Festival are promising the greatest show ever, when 14 students (10 Boys and 4 Girls), as well as nine members of the Dominica Calypso Association are expected to take to the stage, on Wednesday 23rd, February, 2011.


Teacher at the Massacre/ Canefield Primary School and lead organizer of the event, Mrs Nadia Pinard says the Calypso Festival is geared at exposing the students to Dominica’s Cultural heritage while at the same time developing their Self-Esteem.


Those vying for the Massacre/Canefield Junior Calypso Crown Are: Superman, Mighty, The Calm, La Pawol, Ras B, Singing Ali, De Centepede,  President A.D,  Henrique, Mighty Shimz, The Kalinago Kid, Superior Sarah and  De Woodpecker.


There will also be guest performances by King Karessa, The Young Bull, The Bobb, Soul Puss, Mighty Lucas, Tasha P, Trend Setter, Comforter and Sugar S.                 


The Principal, Mrs. Cynthia Morvan, Staff and Parents Asociation would like to express their appreciation to the following Sponsors: the Signman, Dr. Damian Dublin, Dominica Calypso Association. Lime D/ca. Ltd., The Five Star General Music Production, Mickael Ferrol & Band (who will be providing musical accompaniment for the Calypsonians).


This Festival will be held at the Massacre/Canefield Primary School grounds, and is expected to begin at 5:00 pm.


Students will be asked to make a donation of $3.00 while adults will be requested to make a donation of $5.00 upon entry.

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