Franchophonie Month A Success


Mrs. Carole Bogdanovscky, Director of Alliance Francaise

Culture can be characterized as a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.

The Alliance Francaise established the month of March as francophonie month, where diverse cultures united and proved that though different we are still the same.

Mrs. Carole Bogdanovscky, Director of Alliance Francaise said, the activities that took place throughout March were a success.

Mrs. Bogdanovscky was pleased to say that the students of the primary and Secondary Schools gained new experiences and a wealth of knowledge from the different activities.

One of the most interesting activities, that brought people together and actually gave a taste of the different cultures, was the International food fair which took place on Sunday March 17th 2013.

This particular event hosted over a hundred people.

This is what Mrs. Bogdanovscky had to say when asked how the French culture has influenced Dominica.

The Director of Alliance Francaise, who was appointed to seven months ago, expressed her satisfactory of this year’s Francophonie month.

Francophonie month came to a close on Sunday March 30th, with a Mademoiselle pageant at the Arawak house of culture, where convent prep copped that title.

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