Free HIV Testing for Men Campaign

Coordinator of the National HIV and AIDS Response Program, Ms. Julie Frampton

Men are being urged to take advantage of all opportunities to get tested for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV which is very important.

This valuable word of advice came from Coordinator of the National HIV and AIDS Response Program, Ms. Julie Frampton, as a sensitization campaign WAS held on Thursday November 29th for men to get free testing.

Ms. Frampton pointed out this sensitization campaign is something they try to do once or twice a year, and would like to do it more often, however because of funding and staffing it is not possible so frequently.

Ms. Frampton says their main principle in getting tested is the three C’s which are confidentiality, counseling and informed consent.

Although some people do not want it, she said counseling is a must before and after testing as it is vital in the event that there is a positive result after a test, how the disease can be managed, who one would want to know their results and services available to control the virus.

If someone gets a negative result, they will also receive counseling on how they can work towards keeping it that way in the form of a risk reduction plan.

Ms. Frampton added that testing is always free all year round, whether it is at the HIV and AIDS Response Program’s office or at Health Centers island-wide or other methods, so there is no reason why people should not know their status.

It has been proven socially that women have better health seeking behaviors than men, which is why women are more upfront in getting tested but men need to be proactive about their health like women are.

She said because of advances in testing, when one would have to wait 2 weeks in the past, now they can receive results in as little as one hour.

One of the men who got tested says all men should make sure they know their status which is very important.

The gentleman said whether or not there are stereotypical people, if we care about our personal health we should all get tested regularly to know our status for our own benefit.

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