French Ambassador’s Visit To Dominica

Dominica and France have held diplomatic relations since 1979 however French Ambassador to Dominica, His Excellency Michel Prome says that relations go further back as Dominica lies between the two french territories of Guadeloupe and Martinique and share a common history.

The French Embassy in the Caribbean in the neighboring island of St. Lucia and His Excellency visits Dominica at least twice a year.

Mr. Prome said that he was very happy to be present for the last of the Francophonie Month celebrations and believes that these activities help in integrating French and Dominica cultural.

We are in a period where the French West Indies have expressed a very strong will to be more integrated in the Caribbean region and less focused on Europe particularly in terms of an economic exchange.

This would allow the French West Indian Territories to participate in common projects such as transportation, tourism and protection of biodiversity in the region.

He says that he is pleased with the prospect of Geothermal Energy in Dominica especially with the possibility of providing electricity services to the neighboring french islands.

During his two day visit to Dominica, Mr.Prome met and liaised with government officials to maintain diplomatic ties between the two countries.

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