French Film Producer Visits Dominica to do Sugar Mills Documentary


Director and Video Producer, Mr. Patrick Baucelin

PAT Studio Production Audiovisuelle, a Martinique based production company, completed a day of filming noncommercial material in Dominica on Tuesday March 5th 2013.

The material will be used for the production of a 52 minute documentary on Sugar Mills in the Caribbean.

The documentary which is expected to be released in 2014, will be produced by Director and video producer Patrick Baucelin who arrived in Dominica via a cruise ship.

To obtain material for the documentary, Mr. Baucelin visited abandoned sugar mills at the Old Mill Cultural Centre, River Estate in Canefield and Macoucherie.

Mr. Baucelin says, he thinks it is very important to present the story of sugar mills in the Caribbean, as they were widely used during the time of slavery.

He also mentioned that, the documentary will create an awareness and excitement in visitors, that will entice them to visit the island to learn information regarding its cultural heritage.

He said, the documentary entitled, “At the Time of Sugar Islands” is a non-monetary project, which will be distributed to schools, tourist information centres and at regional and international trade shows.


Discover Dominica Authority’s (DDA) Marketing Assistant, Ms. Lize Cuffy

The film producer revealed he has been involved in this industry for 33 years thus far, and he enjoys every moment of the various aspects of his job, especially as his documentaries have received several international awards at various festivals in Guyana, California, New York and Houston .

His documentaries include “Secrets of the Fortresses of the Caribbean” featuring St. Kitts, Haiti, Cuba, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten and Les Saints, and “Cities of the Caribbean” which features Roseau among others.

Discover Dominica Authority’s (DDA) Marketing Assistant, Ms. Lize Cuffy mentioned, the documentary is to be shown throughout the Caribbean, will promote Dominica’s cultural heritage and its natural attributes which is a plus for the country.

She is of the view that it is important as it will help in educating students, about Dominica’s history, as there are young students who are not even aware that we have sugar mills, their location and what they were used for.

The documentary on Dominica’s Sugar Mills, which has been funded by the Martinique Government and the Martinique Tourism Board, is the Discover Dominica Authority’s (DDA) latest partnership to assist in promoting the Island.

When completed the documentary will be available in English, Spanish and French.

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