French Investors to Visit Dominica

Senior Investment Promotion Officer at the IDA, Ms. Hermina Augustine

Invest Dominica Authority (IDA) and the French Consul Herve Nizard will host a number of French nationals from November 24rd to the 26th.

The purpose of the visit is to promote Dominica as an investment destination and to allow potential investors to network with local companies.

Senior Investment Promotion Officer at the IDA, Ms. Hermina Augustine, says the French Consul, Mr. Nizard, helped them to identify these key people who would be interested in Dominica.

The visit will also provide the opportunity for the group to enjoy the beauty of Dominica as a vacation destination.

One of the French Nationals invited to the gathering is the Regional Director of Air France. Local businesses will also there to grab the opportunity to speak with these people and hopefully form partnerships.

Other potential investors include the head of a manufacturing company head of a chain of supermarkets, head of the chamber of commerce in Guadeloupe.

Invest Dominica Authority is hoping that some partnerships arrangements will be made with Dominican firms and business opportunities will follow.

She says with the severe economic recession we need to create jobs for the Dominican people and by that time the economy has started up again we would be ready to do business.


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